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The Favourite Place for Barbecuing Masters

In the past, there used to be a dilapidated old barn at the site of the present grill house where the old owner had planned an impressive grill house for the family to enjoy their time together.

He decided to use the remaining rocks of the old barn to build a new stone wall around the farm with a few helpers.

The grill house has now become one of the most popular places in the complex, as in addition to grilling, it is also a good place for watching others.

The grill house is a large and spacious shelter for grilling, rain or shine. In cool summer evenings, the people can also enjoy their time by the warming fire.


Booking fee is 50% of the total price.

The booking fee is non-refundable in case the event does not take place due to the customer. However, the customer can select a new suitable time within one year. Upon paying the booking fee, the payer agrees to the internal rules set by Liipa Farm.

Please note that we rent our premises only to people at least 21 years of age.