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Liipa Farm Training and Leisure Centre is located in Saha village, only 16 kilometres from Tallinn city centre. Despite its proximity to the city, the complex with its tall trees makes every visitor feel as if they are deep in the South-Estonian forests. Our facilities are suitable for conferences and private parties. It is also perfect for weddings!

Near the recently restored Liipa Farm complex, there is the historic Saha Chapel that was established about 50 years before the city of Tallinn. Constructed in the 15th century, the chapel is highly unique in the Estonian context primarily due to its similarity to Pirita Nunnery.

A few words about the history…

Jõelähtme municipality has long history. Maardu manor located nearby was once owned by Hermann Jensen von Bohn who ever since 1729 generously financed the construction of manor complex buildings, the publication of the first edition of the Bible in Estonian as well as the establishment of schools for the local farmers. There were altogether 16 village schools on the lands of Maardu, Jägala and Raasiku manors, i.e. more than all the rest of Harju county put together. The village schools established by von Bohn are distinguished by the fact that the peasant schoolmasters included also some of the first Estonian female teachers.



Beside the Liipa Talu complex, there is the Saha Kabel of historical value which was founded about 50 years before the city of Tallinn.


In 1729, the historic owner of the Maardu manor, Hermann Jensen von Bohn, funded the construction of manor houses, helped issue the first Bibles in Estonian and establish many schools.


The Liipa Farm Complex was restored and the Liipa Talu Training and Recreation Center was born.